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The Community of the Holy Spirit - Bluestone Farm and Living Arts Center

Updated: May 9, 2020

It has taken us ten years to create (from scratch) the beginnings of Bluestone Farm and Living Arts Center here on twenty-three acres in Brewster, NY. Based on the the principles of organic agriculture and animal husbandry, biodynamics, permaculture, and the importance of re-skilling for the future, the farm is an ever-evolving entity with its own ethos, personality and interconnections.

As the farm has come into being over the last decade, it has attracted many hundreds of people of all ages, occupations and ethnicities. Some have come as volunteers, neighbors and/or retreatants, some as summer interns, some as long-term resident companions. Groups of children have participated in the ongoing work of the farm as well, drawing from schools, churches and community organizations. 

As the farm enters its second decade, we recognize that our focus is gradually shifting from the initial hard but creative work of establishing the farm, to the consequent work of education. The type of education we offer is not usually in the form of classes and workshops, although occasionally we do offer these. Rather, it is experiential: putting ones hands in the soil, tending plants, taking care of animals, growing our own food, preserving food for winter, making the occasional vision quest in the woods, and living the deep rhythms of the cycles of nature, the growing season and the monastic liturgical year. It is, in fact, Earth literacy that we seek to advance, in the context of the sacredness of all creation.

Visiting Bluestone Farm

To come visit us for worship or meals, or for individual retreats, please  email us.

Our address is 118 Federal Hill Road, in Brewster, NY 10509. 

To find out more visit their website!

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