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Dream Work at the Sisters of St. Anne-Bethany House of Prayer

Updated: May 9, 2020

Christ the King at the Order of St Anne Chapel and Bethany House of Prayer. Photo by Matthew Cadwell

Introduction to Dream Work: Reading Psyche’s Wisdom

Wednesday, October 9, 2019 9:30 am — 3:00 pm

Episcopal priest and Jungian therapist the Rev. Robert Haden describes dreams as “unopened letters from God.” Dream Work is the practice of opening the letters that come to us in the night—appreciating their energies, exploring their possible meanings, and integrating their wisdom into our waking lives. In this introductory workshop, led by Spiritual Directors Tracey Clarkson and Kimberly Green, we’ll explore ways of receiving and reading the illuminations that come to us in our sleep. You will leave with basic dream work tools that you can practice with on your own or with others. Group is limited to 14 participants. Suggested fee is $60.

Register here or by calling or emailing Bethany House of Prayer.  Group is limited to 14 participants.  Receipt of your check confirms your registration.

Tracey Clarkson has been working with her dreams for over thirty years, a personal exploration that led her to the Haden Institute in North Carolina (, where she completed two-year programs in both Dream Work and Spiritual Direction.

Kimberly Green is a Bethany Colleague, spiritual director and retreat leader. A longtime poet and collaborating artist, Kimberly is grateful for dream images and their wisdom as occasional sources for her poem-making.

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